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Client Name.  Snapbrillia

Role - Product designer

Project - Snapbrillia web-app design

Project time - July 2021- Feb 2022

What is Snapbrillia

Snapbrillia is an inclusive hiring system that creates fair opportunities and empowers teams to hire the best people faster regardless of who they are. Snapbrillia provide diversity analytics and an unbiased hiring platform for enterprise businesses and fast-growing startups. Snapbrillia addresses the deep-seated challenges of diversity, equity and inclusion hiring with comprehensive AI technology that accelerates the quality of hires and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion).
The goal of this project was to create a new web app interface that leverages the user experience of tracking DEI data across different hiring stages through a new visual style and modern design system.

The problem

In the original design, in order to check analytics, users need to click on each dropdown and there's no overview anylicts for the project as a whole.Take Review rate for example, it is not only confusing to difficult to read, but understand what review rate represents.The visual hierarchy is flat, with all the information showing on this page, it is a bit overwhelmingg for users.

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The Design Team

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The Design Process

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Whether it is to better understand the people we are designing for or just learning more about difficulties in diversity hiring – every bit of research was done with intention. We've committed early on to never do research in a silo and took full advantage of the relationships established early on to also conduct primary research.

We started conducting our interviews with technical recruiters,hiring managers and engineering managers. Going into the interviews, my goals were to understand not only the difficulties users faced with the current recruiting process, but also the diversity challenges in the process. In order for our design to sustain and perform, we need to find strong balance not just for the End User, but also for the Stakeholders behind the products and services we design.

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How might we questions

  • How might we better communicate the project overview to users?

  • How might we help recruiters tracking organization’s DEI progress?

  • How might we inform users of candidates in different stages?

  • How might we help recruiters use their time efficiently?

  • How might we make the web app simple and easy to use?

User Persona

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Following the research and the and depending on the design discovery sessions i and the design team started working on the design process. Through the design process, I was quickly creating sketches and prototypes, conducting user testings, getting feedback from my teammates and engineers, and implementing changes. Snapbrillia is a nimble startup, so I have a great opportunity to constantly get advices and suggestions from the whole team. After a few brainstorming sessions and going through notes I took from the interviews, I realized a dashboard page, which includes new candidates, an overview of all the open projects and the DEI data of the pipeline, was needed. A dashboard page will be a good beginning to potentially set up the design tone started.

For the dashboard to better serve the users, it should be glanceable, relevant and personalizable. The first thing that came into my mind was the widgets on my phone, so I started by creating boxes that contain different information of projects.

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The Dashboard

For the dashboard to better serve the users, it should be glanceable, relevant and personalizable. The first thing that i did is to recreate the dashboard so that users will have a pleasant and smooth experience using the app.

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Design System/Style Guide

Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 10.38.41 AM.png

Illustrations used



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With the design changes I made, usability testing are going much smoother than before,and the product got more positive feedbacks at the same time.

  • Users used to spend an average of 20 minutes to creat a new project and import candidates, while after the redesign,the time needed to finish the task reduced to 8 minutes, a 60% decrease.

  • During the 8-Second Tests, 12 out of 20 participants can easily notice the DEI data and total number of candidates on overview page, whereas for the original design, only 2 out of 20 participants were able to do that.

*A 8-Second test is conducted by showing an image to a participant for just five seconds, after which the participant answers questions based on their memory and impression of the design.

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I have got a great understanding how hiring process works. The biggest challenge for me is to work between ‘what is’ and ‘what could be’ at an early-stage startup. It's like if I'm in a dark room and I sort of know where I am, but can’t really see all that well and I'm only focused on what’s right in front of me.But I'm not alone in this journey, the cross-functional partners are there with me, building the product and culture together. Always seeking feedback from the team and be open to changes are the keys.

As one of the first designers in the early stage of the startup i have gained a lot about the design process, my role is to introduce the first process and to create the design system for us to thrive and a product that can make a difference. What motivates me to take this project is being able to create solutions of diversity hiring, I truly appreciate the opportunity to join such a collaborative team and to make a difference.

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